Do you have to sign plenty of checks every month to make repayments of the educational loans that you have taken? You might consider AES student loan consolidation to ease your repayment plan and simplify your paperwork too. This student loan consolidation program will merge all your federal student loans and the consolidation process will be administered by American Education Services. The most remarkable benefit of consolidating your student loans will be that you will have to make only one monthly installment. Not only this, the rate of interest will be comparatively lower than your existing rate.

You will not need a cosigner or deal with credit checks once you consolidate your student loans with the American Education Services. They will save you from paying any kind of application fees and at the same time help you have comfortable and affordable amount of monthly installment too. In fact the amount is adjusted taking into account your monthly income and expenditure and the government has instructed different lenders and lending companies to fix the monthly installment in such a way that the borrower is not over burdened. This is the reason why more and more people are choosing consolidation of loans in other fields also.

Before deciding to opt for AES student loan consolidation, you will have to find out whether you are eligible to apply for this consolidation program or not. Gather all information and go through the details thoroughly. This will help you understand and learn more about the consolidation program and then if you qualify, you can apply and proceed with the instructions. It is advisable that you weigh up the pros and cons of consolidating your loans with American Education Services because there are always two sides of a coin.

On the one hand you have reduced monthly installments, no repayment penalties, fixed interest rate and you have to manage and keep track of just one bill. On the other hand you have long repayment period, loss of some privileges and after all you pay much more than you actually had to pay in the end if you opt for AES student loan consolidation program.