Money is an inevitable part of life that we should face every day. It is not a surprise that at some point or another we lack the funding or financial resources just to make our way through college. As a result, we would be resorting to student loans just so we could meet the financial demands of college. It cannot be avoided that we would be facing more than two student loans by the time we graduate. Being fresh graduates as we are, we couldn’t avoid dealing with all our financial responsibilities and at times we fall short with it.

This is the time when you need to consider consolidating student loans with Chase. There are various reasons why you should consolidate with Chase and it includes:

  • One bill payment every month. This is one of the best advantages of consolidating student loans with chase. Gone are the days when you have to make three to four payments just to update our outstanding loan balances.
  • Avail very competitive interest rates. When you consolidate, you open yourself up with the opportunity to save money while making updated payments on your loans.
  • Reduction of your lower monthly payments. Consolidating all your outstanding student loans allow you to pay reduced amounts on your monthly payment because of their extended repayment period.
  • No need to pass off application, make prepayment fees or origination. There are no fees associated with your application to consolidate and you can prepay your loan depending on your fund availability without paying penalty.