You have dreams and aspirations to finish college by all means possible. To get through with this you have to make several student loans in the hope that you could find a way out of it when you finish college by landing a decently paying job. With the continued meltdown in the economy, you will be facing even more difficulties when you finish college. However, there are several private and federal consolidation programs that you can go for so that you can reduce the overall monthly payments that you are making.

Consolidating student loans with Citibank will open you to a lot of possibilities including saving money on your finances and meet your specific requirements. You can combine all federal loans into one single outstanding loan with fixed loan interest rates. Basically, you will make a new loan to pay off all your outstanding student loans so that you will only pay one single loan monthly.

It is quite neat to be paying just one single bill each month. You lower your chance of missed and delayed payments thus lowering the quantity of your monthly payments for around 50%.

Applying for Citibank consolidation doesn’t require you to pay additional fees. There are no hidden charges and there is no need for further credit checks. You only need to meet the following requirements:

  • $20,000 minimum federal loans quantity
  • Clean records with no delinquency or defaults on your outstanding loans
  • Graduate or on half-time enrollment

Other than these simple requirements, you will be qualified to consolidate your loans with Citibank.