Consolidating student loans with Fleet is another option that students take today if they want to pay only a single bill each month.

But, how does consolidation really work?

Student loans are great financial resources that we take advantage especially when we want to finish our education badly. Unfortunately, it leaves us facing the burden of paying multiple outstanding loans monthly once we graduate. It turns for the worst if when we graduate we end up becoming one of the people who fall into the pool of unemployment.

What do we do then when this is the case? This is where consolidating student loans with Fleet come in. It is a solution that most graduates or students turn to just to pay off all their outstanding loans and manage their finances better by paying just one outstanding loan when the consolidation process is complete.

The total balance of your outstanding loans is rolled off into one consolidated loan, which is the only thing you need to pay monthly.

What’s more is that you can take advantage of the perks of consolidation such as lower interest rates, make single payment monthly, flexible payment terms and a whole lot more advantages. There are no hidden charges and it doesn’t have to be a time consuming task because further credit check is not necessary.

As long as you are not delinquent in your other loans prior to the consolidation, you can take advantage of consolidating the student loans into a single loan, which is easier to deal with rather than making multiple payments monthly.