If you are a graduating student and you have taken a number of loans to complete your education, you will have to consider federal student loan consolidation option. The first thing that you need to find is whether you qualify for the loan consolidation or not. If you have taken more than one government loan, you will have to combine all of them so that you get a good and feasible repayment plan. The main advantage of loan consolidation is that you can have one loan to repay in future and one installment. The rate of interest will be lower and the repayment schedule will be flexible without any fees or charges as well.

There are some factors that you need to take into account and consider certain points so that you are able to get all the benefits. It is better not to combine the federal student loan and the private loans because in this way your loans will be considered as private and you will not get the advantage of the federal loans after that. Secondly, it is advisable that you do not combine the loans of lower interest rates with the higher ones. If the loan is already set on lower interest rates, it is better you carry on with the previous terms.

Opting for federal student loan consolidation is the best option only when you select the loan consolidation system that is reasonably priced and offered at the terms and conditions that are acceptable to you. There are different aspects that should be considered like the amount that you need to repay along with your other financial variables. Though advantages of consolidating student loans outweigh the disadvantages, the loan consolidation system is not free from disadvantages.

There are both pros and cons that you should consider before opting for federal student loan consolidation. Go through the details and gather all information regarding the loans and the terms of the federal loan consolidation system. Weigh out everything on your terms and financial condition and then take the final decision. This will help you take the right decision.