Student loan consolidation loan means merging of all student loans or opting for one loan by paying off all the others. Different lenders and lending institutes have different rules and regulations. What you need to do is go through the terms and conditions of the lenders and agree to acceptable terms only. But before you go for any loan consolidation programs you should be aware of few facts so that you are careful and conscious choosing the right and most suitable student loan consolidation program.

Loans are usually of two types – federal and private loans. What you need to do is make a separate list of both these loans. This is because if federal loans are mixed with private ones, they are also considered as private loans. In this case you will not be able to avail the benefits of federal student loans. So, it is advisable that you consolidate the loans separately too. There are many reasons to get your student loans consolidated. The most remarkable thing is that you do not have to make several repayments and go through the hassles of a number of paperwork.

Student loan consolidation loan helps merge all your loans so that your repayment plan is simplified and made comfortable. Not only this, your amount of monthly installment gets reduced due to the lower rate of interest and increased loan tenure. There are other options too like if you want to get rid of the loans quickly, you can opt for the option in which you repay the loan amount as soon as possible and you are not charged anything for that. In normal cases if you try to pay off your loans faster than the repayment plan to which you have agreed, you have to pay penalties for that.

It is advisable that you consolidate only those loans that you had acquired at high rate of interest. Be careful and calculate the installment amount and compare them so that you end with an overall good deal. Do not opt for student loan consolidation loan if you already have loans at low rate of interests.