Finishing college is not an easy feat and it is something that you would be proud of. You can consider yourself hard-working, responsible and patient if you have already completed college. However, with the current condition of the economy, it is inevitable that you will face some hardship in meeting all your financial needs. This is the reason why some students would turn to multiple student loans just to get through college.

There are fortunate people however to get education paid for by their parent’s money, hard earned savings and scholarships. But for those who have no other means to pay for all their college expenses would just have to combine loans and working at the same time that they are attending in college.

These student loans may be of great help to you so that you can graduate from college but the hardship begins when the period of repayment begins, which starts several months after graduation usually around 6 months or more.

What if all your outstanding student loans are in default, what do you do then? There comes a time when even how hardworking you are and financially responsible time will still not be on your side. As a result, you end up with default student loans because you don’t have enough money to support your other basic needs.

You learned out too late that you can consolidate your student loans with lower interest rates as long as you are still within grace period. There is still a way for you to learn about student loan consolidation rates a loan in default. By making adequate research about your options, you will be able to work your way around your defaulted loans.