When we talk about the National Student Loan Data System, we mean to say it is the central database of the US Department of Education for student aids. The data system contains information coming from agencies of guaranty loans, schools, Pell Grant programs, Direct Loan Program and from other Department of Education’s program.

It is a centralized, integrated view data system of the Title IV loans and Pell grants. All the information collected is tracked from cycle to cycle and from approval of financial aids to closure of the grants.

The NSLDS website is available for student access 24 hours daily and 7 days in a week. Be reminded though that the maintenance of the database may happen on a weekend or on late hours. During this maintenance period, the website may be inaccessible or unavailable but only for a brief period of time or until the entire maintenance is done.

You can get information from the website such as make inquiries regarding your grants or loans. Your access to the website enables you to look at the displayed information regarding your account (loan or grant) including the principal amounts, loan statuses, outstanding balance and disbursements. In order to gain access to the NSLDS website, you need to provide the following:

  • Your SSN or your social security number
  • First two digits/characters of your last name
  • DOB or Date of Birth
  • Your pin

There is no need for you to get worried about the security of the website. Your data is secured especially with the combination of your SSN, pin and personal information.